Belgium…where morons rule!

Those pocket filling-hypocritical-politicians are at it again… 

Today I saw an article on various news-websites (belgian) that people who are offering their couch, a room or any other form of accommodation through sites like Couchsurfing will be penalized soon! It’s typical that the first country to come up with this ludicrous practice is belgium again. This country is going so fast towards fascism on every level that it would have made pricks like Hitler drool.

I’ve been using the couch-surfing site now for several months and since I can’t really travel (due to various reasons) I’ve been only hosting and it turned out to be a great way to meet people from various cultures and places. But now some frickin’ politician has found grounds to make it illegal… : /

Seriously, I was lucky to have travelled a bit and even live in other various parts of this beautiful planet but NEVER! I have come across a bigger bunch of silly, stupid, arrogant, ignorant, think-they-know-it-all plonkers as the Flems. What a bunch of tossers!

The link is to a dutch written site….couldn’t find any English articles on it…might translate the piece later this weekend and put it up.




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