Some travel stories that I transferred from another blog. Unlikely that I’ll be writing more of these since it’s pretty time-consuming. Enjoy the ones on here though.

Just a couple of days before I set out for India last year, the man who put Goa on the (tourist) world map, past away.
Yertward Mazamanian or better known as Eight Finger Eddie left his earthly existence on the 18th of October 2010 at the age of 86.
Allegedly he was one of the first “hippies” to hit Goa in the sixties. He started a soup-kitchen back then for arriving western travellers.
I once accidentally sat in the same bar with him in Anjuna. It was mid august, meaning lots of rain and no travellers. Apart from me, Eddie, the barkeeper and two
older gentlemen that were playing cards, the place was empty. The conversation that we had was not very memorable, but that must have been me, I was around 21 at the time
and probably had little interesting to tell. Especially compared to the company I was in. Anyway, unfortunately I can’t remember a great deal from this wet afternoon but I’m glad
to at least have met the man who was responsible for letting me discover Goa.


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