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Namaste World,
Yes, it’s been a while…
Been busy working on my little home-studio and self-educating a bit on some new machinery during the last few months.
Will share some pictures and soundz soon.;)

The world’s been busy as usual and lots of good and less good stuff happened on this little planet.
I’ll pick two. nice…and sad…balance must be. (-°-)

First, the sad news.On 27th of November 2011, the great sarangi master
Ustad Sultan Khan – passed away.
Been a great fan of his sarangi playing and singing for years, and even managed to see him perform with – Tabla Beat Science –
in London (2003).
Thank you for the beautiful music. (-°-)

The Dewarists:
About two months ago Star World (India) started to air a series called the Dewarists.
The series brings together musicians of different backgrounds but mainly Indian musicians as it is also filmed on
various locations in India. The musicians meet at a certain location, ranging from jungle to desert, and in a few days they record a song/track together.
The show is presented by Monica Dogra (Shaair&Func) and
she does a fantastic job. (She also joins the musicians on a few tracks.
As I write, so far 9 episodes have been aired. The neat thing is that only several hours after it’s being aired in India
it is put on youtube for the rest of the world to watch. :)

Here are my three most favourite episodes so far. A bit biased perhaps, but my favourite ones all seem to have a musician in there
who is/was linked with the Asian Underground/Asian Massive scene.
Starting with the latest episode (so far) which is episode 9 featuring Karsh Kale. Second one in line (episode 8) is starring MidivalPunditz and Humble The Poet.
And number three (episode 5) with Shri (Badmarsh&Shri) and Monica Dogra.
Enjoy. (-°-)

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