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I remember somewhere in ’97…I was living in India at the time, someone gave me a copy of “Mr. Nice” by Howard Marks. After reading the back-cover, I installed myself, armed with a cup of tea and a fat joint, in the hammock on the porch. It must have been early afternoon when I started reading…and finished it several hours later already. I remember thinking about two things clearly after I finished it.
The first one being; they gotta make a film about this guy….second…that I would have loved to have a chat with this man.
About a year later I was living in the U.K. and one Sunday morning, while having breakfast at a café around the corner of where I was living (Bath), there was a poster up the wall…”Howard Marks in a debate with local MP’s about marijuana at the town hall”…and a date (which I can’t remember).

I went down to enjoy the debate and spectacle (I remember one MP in particular, Keith -something- who was hilarious…and was on the side of Howard). Surprisingly, afterwards me and a few other people, that had attended the debate, were invited to a pleasant lounge-like restaurant called “Riverdance” (nuffing to do with Flatley mind!)
where Mr. Marks would be doing an interview with some local T.V. station. There was a DJ, food, drinks…people were dancing here and there. Seemed that everywhere Mr.Nice entered, a party was going on in no time.
After the interview, he mingled among the others and at some point I even managed to have a chat with him
and told him about what my first thoughts were after reading the book (being; meeting him and the film thing). He seemed pleasantly amused by both. Since I told him where I read it, we talked a bit ’bout India too.
A nice experience that was and an extremely nice guy…Mr.Nice.

I only found out a few days ago that they made a film about him :)
Now another weird thing is: after watching “Nothing Hill” the first (and last) time, I immediately thought that Rhys Ifans would be perfect to play the role of Mr.Nice…If! they should ever make a film about Howard Marks.
So…after 14 years…I got my three wishes regarding Mr.Marks…meeting him…they made a film about him…and Rhys Ifans plays Howard. :)

Tonight I watched an interview on youtube with Howard Marks, apparently he and Rhys Ifans met in ’96 (before “Mr.Nice” was published) and they agreed then already, that – if ever there should be made a film of Howard’s life – Rhys (Ifans) would be playing the part of Howard.
…how feckin weird innit?! ;)

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