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Congratz Masala Records (-°-)

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Just got the news that a mate of mine started his own label. Check out the vid below and the link to the site.




How not to drive a scooter…

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I’m a pretty empathic person and don’t want to see other people hurt or in pain…but this got me in stitches. Please, note the amount of times he runs into other cars and bikes before ending up in that great big hole. (Tip: full screen) Enjoy. (-°-)



Beautiful…must watch. (-°-)

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Spot on…and well funny!

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Came across this dude a few months ago. He nails it regarding certain issues in India. Issues that a lot of my fellow India-travellers seem to be blind for. Perhaps mostly through overdosing on (fake) spiritual crap. Anyway, Wilbur Sargunaraj…hope this man’s videos will spread a bit more. Enjoy and learn. (-°-)

We’ve got one…only!

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