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Congratz Masala Records (-°-)

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Just got the news that a mate of mine started his own label. Check out the vid below and the link to the site.





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Decided to put my tunes up 4 FREE download. Enjoy.

My M8 on TED

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Beautiful people…

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Due to a few reasons…my venturing in and around India will be far less, unfortunately, than what it used to be. And apart from the country itself, the culture, the people, the food, the weather, the hospitality, etc. I will be missing some of the travellers that I befriended over the many years.
One of these travellers in particular is a busker who goes by the name of Davide Swarup. He’s originally from Italy and was, until recently, based (during the European summers) in Amsterdam cause the busking wasn’t too bad there. These days, with European summers getting wetter than they already used to be and the growing (fascist) regulations, busking doesn’t seem like a reliable source of income anymore in certain parts of Europistan.

What makes Davide stand out (apart from his beautiful personality) among other buskers for example is his choice of instrument. He plays an instrument which looks a bit like a U.F.O. but sounds like a harp almost. The instrument’s called a “Hang” and was “invented” in Switzerland about a decade ago. Due to, I find, a rather weird company-policy the instrument is extremely difficult to obtain and I heard that one can be on a waiting-list for up to two, three years before actually getting your hands on one.
The relaxing and beautiful sounds that vibrate from the Hang,when he plays in a public park for example, always pulls a curious crowd. After all, we’ve all seen a trillion of buskers doing ze thing with ze guitar and zinging yet another version of some Rolling Stones cover. (Well, not all buskers are like that of course ;) but ya know woddeyeMean.
But Davide and his Hang are not just only a Hot-item in the public parks of Europe…he get’s invited to Siberia, India, Russia, Ibiza and other exotic destinations to perform solo or with other great performers of those regions sometimes.
Attached are some vids and a link 2 A free download (of a session I had with Davide, while he stayed at our place in Belgistan).
Enjoy (-°-)

Davide Swarup & India Arie

Davide in Jerusalem

Davide on Indian T.V.

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