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No drummer required ;)

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Some common sense…?!

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Seems that someone, somewhere used a wee bit of his/hers common sense and let couchsurfing off the hook. Then again, I think this matter (letting Couch-hosts pay) will re-surface eventually. But for now….it seems okay again…


Beautiful…must watch. (-°-)

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Decided to put my tunes up 4 FREE download. Enjoy.

Spot on…and well funny!

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Came across this dude a few months ago. He nails it regarding certain issues in India. Issues that a lot of my fellow India-travellers seem to be blind for. Perhaps mostly through overdosing on (fake) spiritual crap. Anyway, Wilbur Sargunaraj…hope this man’s videos will spread a bit more. Enjoy and learn. (-°-)

Ripples & pickles

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I never intended to make a blog like this personal. But recent evolutions and circumstances have made the situation so that it is hard not to write about them. Since I’m a firm believer of Karma, everything that happens to me, I’m sure, is for a (good) reason. It is perhaps, for me, the only reason to stay more or less focused and put it all in perspective. Plus, there’s always! someone worse off than you/me. But just sometimes it seems that the errors one makes (hence the Karma) are met with a greater and often worse fate than first comprehended. But I guess that’s just the domino-effect. You know, the stone in the water and ripples thing…action-reaction, etc. The other “error” I often make is having “expectations”. One automatically presumes that, if ever in a pickle, people that are close to you might give a helping hand. Needless to say, this is utter bollocks. The only place where this happens is in the thought inside your head. In reality folks have it bad enough with their own lives, so they don’t really wonna adopt another set of “worries”. Which is fair enough, I guess. In the meantime, one draws lessons (thank god) from every ripple encountered and caused.

Luckily…Well for me at least, I can still be a bit creative. And music, I guess, is always a nice way of channeling whatever energy is inside of us. recently I’ve put up my 10th tune on “Soundcloud” so I included them in this post. They are also available and downloadable from my Bandcamp-page (4FREE).

the real revolution (is within)

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I hope there comes a day when we (the people) would listen more to men like Krishnamurti,
instead of blindly following all these bent politicians with their power mongering ideas.
peace – (-°-)

We’ve got one…only!

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