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Goa revisited prt.1

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img_0362.jpgAfter working and living in Indonesia (95/96) I went (briefly) back to Belgistan only to find out that I’ve left my heart somewhere in Asia. Rapidly, I was searching for new ways to get back to it (Asia) ASAP! It didn’t really mind which country exactly…as long as it was in that region. But, I believe if you want something bad enough (in a healthy way mind), the Universe picks it up and will bring you closer to it. So while strolling through Antwerp one afternoon I stumbled upon a wee shop called “Ganesh & Co”. A typical hippie/India/incense/statue-shop that you’ll  find pretty much in every town these days. I got acquainted with the owner of the shop and during one of our conversations he shared his idea of wanting to start a guesthouse in Goa, India. If only he could find someone who was willing to run the place, since he (the owner) had to be in Antwerp most of the time. Needless to write I guess that I stuck onto his idea like flies to shit!

A few weeks later we both flew to Bombay, then the bus to Goa. (I’ll do a post soon on my first impressions of India, since it’s hard to describe it in just a few lines). We went scouting for locations and a suitable house…and found one in Anjuna (Goa). Anjuna was back then (already) pretty crowded. Especially on Wednesdays (tourist-season only) when the flea-market is held. It’s set up in a coconut grove edging the beach. Yes…there are worse spots to spend a Wednesday afternoon. ;)   And the market exists out of hundreds of stalls selling stuff coming from all over India. Tibetans selling beautiful silver jewellery. And even the occasional traveller with own leather-carving work, seashell jewellery, etc. Except that it has grown enormously in size since then (97) (it had already since the flea-market started back in the sixties), the flea-market still has the same vibrant buzz to it. Some will debate this…to each his own. (-°-)

Perhaps I should have called this post “Arambol revisited” rather than “Goa revisited”…then again….the word “Goa” probably scores better in the search-results, better leave it. ;) Since Anjuna demanded a pretty full-power kind of living-style, i.e.; too many of them “Goa-trance-parties” (which until this very day I loath!) and since there were just too many drugs on the scene it attracted (at least to me) the wrong kinds of people. And since, by nature, I get easily tired and bored of how people (mis)behave when they’re in groups…I set out on my motorbike from time to time to go and explore other parts of Goa. On one occasion I was driving up north from Anjuna when suddenly the road stopped at a river. I could cross with a shabby old beaten’ ferry. About fifty minutes later I was on the other side, driving through little roads crossing hills until I saw this sign saying “Harmal/Arambol”. I followed it and eventually I arrived at a very nice tourist-free beach. The beach had a nice cliff-side and near it big shark-tooth-like rocks sticking out of the sea. There was such an amazing pleasant vibe on this beach and the local people that I soon got to know were (and still are) diamonds! Guesthouses or hotels…if there were any at all at that time….were certainly not found by me. Someone in Arambol “town” had told me that there was a guesthouse in the village of Aswem called “Villa River Cat”. A peculiar name I found and checked it out. It was some sort of Portuguese roundhouse villa…ground-floor plus one  floor on top. It was set among coconut palms and the beautiful garden of the house edged on the river. It was an amazing lush beautiful exotic spot. (little did I know that some years later I’d be working here). The place had also a fair share of cats (hence the name) and some dogs. All peacefully living together. The whole place exhaled tranquility and seemed so far removed from the mindless pill-popping crowds in Anjuna. I decided to book a few nights. And promised myself that…from then on, if I should visit Goa again…I’d make Arambol my base. TBC…

Chet Faker!

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Just came across this dude from Oz…nice stuff! Worth checking out folks.

4 Da Vinylphiles…must watch!

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I grew up with my dad having a record collection exceeding several thousands of albums. Say what you will…nothing beats a (good) turntable and vinyl. A nice docu and interesting piece of music history. Enjoy. (-°-)


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The Worldbiker

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Recently I was asked by my mate and co-musician and friend, Davide Swarup, if an acquaintance of him , could use a track (that me and Davide made) for a short documentary. I hadn’t seen it yet and while browsing around just now, I stumbled upon it (by chance, not via that website) ;)


<p><a href=”″>The Worldbiker</a> from <a href=”″>openmindfilm</a&gt; on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Friends, India, Music,…

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Jamming at the Surfclub’s opening night in Arambol-India (season 2008-2009). Sun, beach, music, friends, India, bless,… (-°-)

My M8 on TED

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Mosterd for my Kala

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Yesterday an Indonesian friend showed me the work of one of her friends who’s a dancer and choreographer (Gerard Mosterd). Although I’m usually too hooked up on music I seldom go watch a dance or theater performance. But after seeing this performance yesterday (on Vimeo) I might start going to some (performances). anyway, I found this piece really awesome and thought I’d share it with ya. ;)

<p><a href=”″>Dan Ada Sebuah Kotak… (a dance performance by Gerard Mosterd with text by Goenawan Mohamad 2012)</a> from <a href=”″>Kantor Pos</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Oh, I did another “make a tune in under 24 hours  – Track” and posted it to my soundcloud. Enjoy. (-°-)

Ripples & pickles

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I never intended to make a blog like this personal. But recent evolutions and circumstances have made the situation so that it is hard not to write about them. Since I’m a firm believer of Karma, everything that happens to me, I’m sure, is for a (good) reason. It is perhaps, for me, the only reason to stay more or less focused and put it all in perspective. Plus, there’s always! someone worse off than you/me. But just sometimes it seems that the errors one makes (hence the Karma) are met with a greater and often worse fate than first comprehended. But I guess that’s just the domino-effect. You know, the stone in the water and ripples thing…action-reaction, etc. The other “error” I often make is having “expectations”. One automatically presumes that, if ever in a pickle, people that are close to you might give a helping hand. Needless to say, this is utter bollocks. The only place where this happens is in the thought inside your head. In reality folks have it bad enough with their own lives, so they don’t really wonna adopt another set of “worries”. Which is fair enough, I guess. In the meantime, one draws lessons (thank god) from every ripple encountered and caused.

Luckily…Well for me at least, I can still be a bit creative. And music, I guess, is always a nice way of channeling whatever energy is inside of us. recently I’ve put up my 10th tune on “Soundcloud” so I included them in this post. They are also available and downloadable from my Bandcamp-page (4FREE).


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Due to some turbulence of all sorts the last six months, my blog had halted…for the few peeps that actually read my blog; apologies. Certain events, that occurred in my life during this period didn’t really provide for  a creative atmosphere.
One of the many things that happened is…one of my best friends, Devam, passed away just a few weeks ago. Since he was living in India, and I’m currently residing in Europe, I didn’t get the chance to see him before he left. It is never pleasant when a friend or other loved one is taken away…whether it being abruptly or not. Nevertheless, I comfort myself with the thought that he’s in a much better place and he’s probably having a ball with his idol, Jerry Garcia. Sweet dreams Devam….we’ll meet again! (-°-)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Perhaps it’s one of the hardest things that comes forth from travelling…you know tons of people…scattered around the globe…but when one is in a pickle or worse…it’s not always evident to make a house-call.
Anyway, although I’m stuck in Europistan at the moment, I’ll be roaming around again at some point and be paying those travellin’ pirates a visit. ;)
I’ll end this post leaving a tune that i made recently together with a mate. I guess it kinda reflects my “state of mind” regarding, what I find, the most difficult year in my life so far. Fuck 2012, bring on 2013.

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