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Well, seems my blog-entries are now more of an annual thing then a weekly or monthly. ;) Anyway, from march 2014 ’till last december I had an awesome job working with (street) kids as some kind of social worker in a borough just outside of antwerp. Our current city-governance and to be more precise the right-wing mayor of this town, ruled that the kind of job, the sort that I was doing, should seize to be! According to him and his rightwing idiot friends this kind of work(ers) should be made obsolete and in change they want more police-patrols. In other words…more repression – less prevention! Add some para-military presence in our town center (since the Charlie Hebdo affair) and fear and angst sells like sweet cake (or rather; waffle) again to the narrow minded belgian fools.

Nevertheless, I’ve been keeping myself busy with various other pleasantries. Working on some of me tunes…organising 45 hours of film footage shot in India into a nice neat “library” for future video-making. And decided (and already commenced) to write a book. It’s once again due to (non-belgian) friends who thought it’d be a splendid idea that I’d write down some of my “travel-memoirs”. But I reckon that after living nearly twenty years out of a backpack…one should have a bold tale or two to tell. ;)
In the meanwhile…enjoy the occasional tune that I’ll drop on here. luv & peace. (-°-)

<p><a href=”″>terraMasala – Letting go</a> from <a href=””>terraMasala</a&gt; on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>


Warm tune for a rainy day…

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Always a pleasure to bump into “new” music & tunes. Music…a journey that never ends and never ceases to amaze! (-°-)


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Perhaps it’s because I’ve done this trip meself for dozens of times that I like this movie so much. But nevertheless it still remains one of my favourite Bollywood flicks! (Starring a very young Amitab Bachan) Enjoy!


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Realized a few days ago that it’s nearly been a year since my last post… Sorry 4 that folks.

Anyway, lots of stuff has been happening over the last year, moved to another flat, new job, etc. Most of it not really worth writing about though. But a while ago ;) I wrote about missing me travellin’ mates sometimes. Well, only yesterday I had the pleasure to welcome one of my good mates Craig, whom I’ve met whilst living in England somewhere late nineties. We only see each other every 5 to 6 years, so far each time on a different continent, but we seem to pick up  as if we’d seen each other yesterday.  So far, he’s one of my (travel) mates who has the most awesome job though! Making movies! Check out the footage below!

<p><a href=”″>Patch Town Trailer</a> from <a href=””>Craig Goodwill</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Beautiful…must watch. (-°-)

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Amon Tobin ISAM. (-°-)

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Brilliant documentary!

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Belgians…just ignore them!

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Jeremy Clarkson had it right; “Belgians: they’ll bore you to death!”
Roaming around and living out of a backpack for over a decade and a half…not the easiest task to adjust to this place! I’ve never seen narrow-mindedness and ignorance being wielded like it does here…
Should you ever wonna visit however…DON’T! Save your money and go somewhere nice. ;)

But thank goodness for my mates across the channel who have a much better sense of humor (well, come to think of it…everyone has a better sense of humor than the Belgians)…Weep, cry, enjoy! ;)

Mosterd for my Kala

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Yesterday an Indonesian friend showed me the work of one of her friends who’s a dancer and choreographer (Gerard Mosterd). Although I’m usually too hooked up on music I seldom go watch a dance or theater performance. But after seeing this performance yesterday (on Vimeo) I might start going to some (performances). anyway, I found this piece really awesome and thought I’d share it with ya. ;)

<p><a href=”″>Dan Ada Sebuah Kotak… (a dance performance by Gerard Mosterd with text by Goenawan Mohamad 2012)</a> from <a href=”″>Kantor Pos</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Oh, I did another “make a tune in under 24 hours  – Track” and posted it to my soundcloud. Enjoy. (-°-)


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…looking forward to this (probably another) master-piece by Ridley Scott. Check out the mix by -Jaya Prime- too (free download). (-°-)

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