Musically it has been a rather pleasant week.
A week ago I got my first contract with a label (Chill Om Records) in Delhi.
And since two days ago the project that I’ve been working on the last few weeks – Arambolitis volume 1 – has been released
An album that has been put together by musicians from Arambol (India) and the takings from the album will be donated to the Ebin-Foundation.
We gonna try our best to make this an annual thing/release.
Each year the musicians will choose a different organization to donate the money to.

Please spread the word people and buy the online album. It’s not even 5€…which is peanuts to most of us…and a lot of fivers put together can, and surely will, help those kids to get just that little closer to their goal!This is what Arambol is about…and what this community is about…to join forces and achieve something good!

The children and the Arambolitis Crew!


3 Responses to “Arambolitis”

  1. Would you know if ther is a Krishnamurty or philosophy community in Goa?

  2. any krishnamurty or philosophy communities in goa that you know of?

    • Hi Riya, no…as far as I know there isn’t. Too be honest, very little “India-goers” seem to know even who he is so… IMHO his “visions” and ideas should be taught in schools instead of the 90% BS that they’re feeding them kids today. We need more of those men around today!
      Anyway, thanks for reading and replying to my blog Riya. luv&peace. (-°-)

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